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Flight Lesson 15 - a very gorgeous day

Yesterday was a gorgeous day. I had such a fun time flying!

If you normally follow my flight lessons, you have probably noticed an absence in blogs. Yesterday I went up for the first time in about two weeks. Between iffy weather last week and being sick, I just never got the chance to fly.

There was a little bit of wind whipping around on the ground so I expected to be tossed around a little bit up in the air, but it was surprisingly smooth. And was it ever clear! On my way back west to Lunken after practicing maneuvers I got one of the most beautiful sights of downtown Cincinnati ever!

I flew Skipper 37147 yesterday, which unfortunately has no window vents… but it has two radios, which I really love. After flying I gave my credit card to Sharon and she remarked, “wow, this card is warm…” I kinda felt like saying… “well… duhhh” :-) She’s lots of fun.

Up in the air, I just flew around mostly practicing steep turns. Nice smooth motions with attention to attitude are my needs. When leveling off after the steep turn you have much more vertical lift, so I kept popping up 50ish feet, until I finally got it right by pushing in the throttle more than you would think you’d need.

I flew over to East Fork Lake and watched a few boats going around. There were also a very large number of boats on the Ohio River. When coming back to Lunken to do touch and go’s I did my landings on 3L, which is not fun. Since Sunken Lunken… is indeed sunken, there is no easy way to approach without buzzing the tops of houses. I survived though :-)

All in all an uneventful day of flying, nevertheless so much fun. I love going up and just cruising around. I decided to be a little more demanding with the plane and go into turns quicker, or ascend/descend quicker. It was fun… like a jet pilot… just at 80 knots… hah.

Fireworks tonight up in Mason!


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