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Flight Lesson 14

I went up solo today. Flew about 25 miles southeast to Meldahl Lock and Dam, did some maneuvers and toyed around for a little bit. I did one practice stall, but the stall horn wasn’t working. So when I started falling out of the sky I corrected fine and decided to head back for a few touch and go’s.

It was quite bouncy up there today.

On the way home I think I left my flight bag on the top of my car when I drove away… have you seen it?

I’m now missing…

  • flight headset
  • log book (filled out with 14 entries) (I just did my 40th landing today… it was the end of a second page)
  • Cincinnati Section map
  • Airport Directory
  • Flight planning tools
  • BE77 Checklist booklet

I think that’s all that was in there. I just want my log book back… sentimental reasons. I can buy the rest again… it sucks to buy it all again, but i really just want my log book back. The new one won’t have ‘FIRST SOLO!’ in really big letters… or at least it won’t be the same.

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