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Flight Lesson 13 - Review of Maneuvers

This lesson last Wednesday was just review. We reviewed flight plans on the ground, then went up and reviewed maneuvers. I forgot how much I liked practicing maneuvers… especially steep turns. When you get all the G’s pushing down on you while you’re in a 45 degree bank for a 360 turn, its a little more exciting than flying from point A to point B.

During the steep turns I was able to do it perfectly only twice. If you keep constant bank and keep your altitude within +/- 50 feet you feel a burble from the prop wash when you’ve made your complete turn. Its a satisfying feeling.

Yesterday, Thursday, we didn’t fly, but I went in to the airport to work on flight plans more. I think I’m finally getting the hang of it. Gary and I chilled in the back room for about 3 hours just shootin’ the breeze and working on the flight plan. I brought in a 6-pack of Sam Adams Boston Lager for us, and we each had one over our lengthy chat.

I’ll be heading up solo a few times now, practicing maneuvers and such, then I’ll be going on my cross country after Dan and Katie’s wedding the weekend after this one.


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