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A family that dances together...

Just Dance

A few weeks back I picked up a Google Chromecast from Best Buy and got it all hooked up.

Since then … We have been dancing!

The available features for the Chromecast on an iPhone are limited, but it does allow us to broadcast YouTube videos. And on the YouTube app, you can search and watch playlists.

Hello Just Dance Kids!

Now let me be a little candid here…


Little Lady is loving it. She dances in ways only a 2-year-old can dance and wears herself out. I (Daddy) am loving it. I dance in ways that attempt to mirror the 2-year-old and sweatily fail on most occasions. And Wife (Mommy) is loving it. Laughing with at her crazy kids and dancing as much as a 7-month pregnant Mommy should.

Little Lady’s favorite dance move is to spin in circles as fast as she can until her eyes can’t keep up with her feet and she crashes to the ground.

Sometimes she actually tries to follow along with the kids on the screen and do the dance moves that she sees them doing.  This in addition to trying to sing along with songs, some of which she’s never heard before, brings the cuteness factor to heights I didn’t even think were possible.

What isn’t so cute … is Daddy trying to do the same …

It’s great, though.  Good family time.  Especially when Little Lady gets tired and wants me to pick her up so we can dance together.

Just sayin’ … very blessed and very happy Daddy here.

Below are some of our favorites:

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