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Exploring Mars

After watching NASA TV for the Phoenix landing, I have been doing my best to keep up on the news and announcements relating to the quest for ice on mars.  I’ve read headlines that say ice confirmed on Mars, but I have also read the headlines that say ice strongly suspected to be found.  From what I gather it sounds like they have found what they are about 99% sure is ice in saying that its not likely that it is anything else.

Being on Mars has started churning my imagination in that realm a bit more than usual.  I don’t know if I think there is other life out there.  I think I have always thought that there are micro-organisms out there like bacteria and what not, but nothing with bluging eyes on a big green head.  But who knows!?!

I can not help but wonder if there is actual ‘alien’ life on Mars right now with the Phoenix.  But, what if we have not discovered the matter that makes up them?  What if they are so tiny that we have not the tools aboard the Phoenix to detect them?  What if when we landed, we killed millions of colonies?  I would think they are upset and are holding town meetings to destroy the giant foreign (alien) object.  What if the bright colored ground that we think is ice, is actually a toe nail clipping?

I love the mystery that lies in exploring space.

I have a tough time thinking that we would be the only living thing in the entire universe in all its vastness.  But like I said before, the other ‘living’ may not be like us.  They might even be made of a different type of matter that our eyes can’t see.  Humans have many technologies, but for things that don’t exist on earth, we know absolutely nothing of, so how could we detect or expect it?  We live in a very controlled atmosphere, and I think most people’s thoughts are limited to what we know, and aren’t thinking as much out of the box as possible.

It is sort of the same thought process as thinking about forever.  Me, personally, I can sort of understand and comprehend a forever in the possitive direction.  There is always tomorrow, we just keep going.  Simple enough, yeah?  What I can’t wrap my mind around is forever in the negative direction.  How can there always have been a yesterday?  I know this borders religous thoughts, which I believe God has always been.  I will be honest, I am not compeltely sure how the big bang theory works in all aspects of is there a beginning?  But what do you think?  Can you grasp the concept of there never being a beginning?  I sure can’t.

I am super excited about exploring Mars.  I really hope in my lifetime that commercial space flight becomes available, and moreso that I am able to afford it.  Travelling to the Moon, walking around, knowing that you are on a competely different world?  That is pretty awesome.

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