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Exorcise Daily

With tomorrow being Easter, many people are deciding to which church they will descend to and bless with their presence for services. Now its good that these people make the effort to go to church at all, but you have to wonder, if you only go on Easter, what’s the point? Is Easter worth double? If so, does Christmas count for more as well? I don’t think God has set point values for attending church.

How bad is church really? Well, this one Sunday… we learned about loving our neighbors and forgiveness…. ouch, man, it was terrible, had to sit on my hands to stop myself from waving angry fists at the rotten message… uh, no. Let’s just consider the scenario of Christianity. There is this God, who created the world, gave us life and a scene to keep us occupied. Some million/billion/thousand? years later, this guy was born. Now this guy (let’s just call him Jesus) walked the earth for 30 some years teaching people the good qualities of character… and if that wasn’t enough, healing people… raising the dead… casting out evil. Was he a bad guy? Undoubtedly no. Then two-thousand years later, we’re here.

Christianity has morals and beliefs. Let’s just leave out the beliefs for now and concentrate on the morals. Helping others, loving others, being kind… sound simple enough, right? If somehow you can’t comprehend the concept of God, or the beliefs of Christianity, give it time, talk to people, but one thing I can guarantee you is you can handle the morals.

The other day, I was driving down the highway after work, coming back to the house, and the road was a madhouse. Everyone was doing their best to cause everyone else a headache… well it worked. What if… now just give me a second of fantasizing… What if while driving, when a car puts its turn signal on to change lanes, and you might possibly be in his blind spot, or maybe he can see you, but he’s still a little close to your front bumper… What if, you tapped the breaks and let him over. And what if… if you are the driver changing lanes, you smile in the rear view mirror and give a friendly wave of thanks? Our roads would be a much happier place.

One more scenario… What if, you are walking out of Kroger after buying your monthly groceries, and while checking out, the cashier is just going about her business, not looking all too excited about anything, or maybe you can even tell he/she’s not happy. What if you just said, “Long day?” or even… “How’s your day been so far?” And then you don’t stop there, you take the response and continue it, making a conversation. Terrible I say.

You can live with morals, Christian morals are good ones to follow.

This year, this Easter, if you don’t regularly attend church, or are having a rough time grasping religion, just think to yourself about what Christianity really is… how can that be bad, I see only good. You need something to believe in, everyone does. Make believing a priority this spring.

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