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What are libraries doing in this age of electronic and i-everything?  It looks like they are keeping up!

While I do not know the behind the scenes legalities that the libraries are working with the publishers, I really do like the results.  Libraries have lists of books that can be ‘checked out’ onto your Kindle/iPhone/iPad/Mac/PC/etc…  You check them out for a certain amount of time and then they are automatically returned.

It is as simple as that.  So here’s some links to help you get started:

The service that I have found super useful is called: OverDrive

So far I have used their iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod) app which can be found: (free) OverDrive Media Console

Help on other devices can be found here

Once inside the app, there are menus to search for local libraries.  I found both San Antonio and Cincinnati have ebook rentals available.

For my readers in the Navy, check out: for some great reading lists that you can check books out through as well.

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