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DONE!!!!!! - - and some more talk of WoW

Can you say Woot!?!

I sure can now. I just got back from taking my fourth and final exam for this Winter quarter, Digital System Design, for those who are curious, and man I’m glad it is done. Starting next Monday and going all the way until late September, I will be working Full-time at Kroger. One more week at the downtown office and then its off to Blue Ash for me, at the Blue Ash Technology Center (BTC for future Acronym usage)

Before the exam began, a few of us were sitting around in the class room, myself trying to cram a little more as the seconds faded, but we were all talking about World of Warcraft. Before the exam, a bunch of the CS guys got together and studied a little bit in one of the computer labs, I have been at work all morning, and thus unfortunately was unable to attend. But they were telling me about this kid who was playing World of Warcraft on his laptop, killing the same monster over… and over… and over… and over… and… yeah (again) They were talking about how he was talking to himself a little and making sounds along with his sword, and pretty much making this kid out to be the biggest loser ever. Ya know what? I think its jolly good fun (yes, you heard ‘jolly good fun’) and love to play games like that. Sure it may be possibly the more anti-social activities out there… but think about it, really. You are some strange non-human form that has magical powers and goes on quests for greatest, power, and strength. You meet and see things that aren’t of this world giving your imagination a freedom to explore and comprehend visuals that you can not find elsewhere. I love games like that… I don’t play them all that much, but I think the entire concept is phenomenal. (i think i use the word phenomenal too much)

Really that’s all I had to say… you go guy with swooshing sword, you kill those overgrown lizards with three heads… you are the bright minds of tomorrow, you are MY fantasy world HERO!!! (too far… eh, yeah probably)

As for me, I’m gonna sit here and be antisocial and work on my website for a while. House to myself for the next five hours, good peace and quiet. Later!

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