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Do you see what I see?

No… it is not time to start singing Christmas carols yet…

Have you ever really thought about what you see as color? Is it possible that we all don’t see colors the same, but we’ve never seen it any other way… so we see that as normal?

To both you and me… a tree that has hot pink leaves and a blue trunk would look rather silly. But how do we know the color that my eyes see as hot pink isn’t your normal leafy green? Maybe if you and I switched bodies for a day we would be so blown away by the different perspective on the world. You might think my normal looking tree is amazingly… messed up!

Has anyone ever received a successful eye transplant, do you know? But as we all know, our brains don’t register exactly what our eyes see. Our eyes see everything upside down. It isn’t until our brain receives the images from our eyes that it turns the images right side up, for what we are used to. Maybe somewhere in the mess of electrical blurps and beeps, we see slightly different colors… who knows!?!

Is it possible that the only people, who know the true look of things, are folks that are colorblind?

Speaking of eyes… have you ever wondered what it would look like if we were like those reptiles that had each of their eyes on opposite sides of their heads? I look at my guinea pigs sometimes and wonder if they can see me when I’m standing right in front of them…

Hold your hand flat, straight up and down and put the side with your thumb onto your nose so it splits your vision… is this how my pigs see? Or what about those animals that can move their eyes independently of one another… how cool would that be!

Kinda gives me a headache just thinking about it…

That’s all for today… tomorrow’s topic… The benefits / drawbacks / thoughts on whether I would rather have the super power of flying or invisibility! (exciting eh?)

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