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Diaper Allergies


Despite my best attempts … I am yet to convince Wife that I have an allergy to diapers.

Where allergies and diapers do in fact overlap, though, is when it comes to changing the SUPER stinky ones.  Yup, quality wise we’re talking poop the consistency of oatmeal amply laced with honey.  It’s the kind that wafts while the diaper is still firmly secured.  Quantity wise we’re talking about when you can see the creep towards the legs of the diaper or up the back.  This is when allergies are your friend!

This whole week has been pretty miserable in the allergy department.  Last weekend I got stung by the wasp.  The short of it is … I am now the proud owner of an Epi Pen!  And then with the warming weather here in South Texas, the pollen/mold/whatever count is through the roof and my head feels like it is about to explode.

I finally went to the doctor today.  First time in the 2+ years we’ve been living in San Antonio.  My left eye got super sore yesterday and I’m pretty sure I had to pop it back in my head a few times last night.  I got pills, eye drops, and nose spray … pretty successful trip I’d say!

But let’s bring this full circle.  I love Little Lady to death, but she sure can fill up a diaper!  Even the dogs run away when its time to slap a clean pair on her.  Today as I worked through about a dozen wet wipes, saying a prayer with each one that my fingers wouldn’t tear through with each wipe, I thought about how thankful I was that I had a stuffy nose!

Happiness in life is all about perspective.  Yesterday, sitting there with a warm washcloth over my eye hoping that I’d be able to get some sleep in before my early morning watch, I admit I was pretty miserable.  Today, however, the allergies worked well in my favor and saved me from the same fate as those pesky flies that thought they hit jackpot but couldn’t handle their winnings.

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