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Dear Senator McCain (regarding Gov Palin)

Dear Senator McCain,

I would like to thank you for choosing Governor Sarah Palin as your vice presidential running partner for the presidency.  You see, I liked some of the words you were saying.  But the thing is I also liked some of the words Senator Obama way saying.  I will admit, I was leaning a bit more towards the Obama side of the country, but I had not made up my mind.  What I am thanking you for is helping me make that decision… and it doesn’t look good for you.

My concern, you see, isn’t the news about Gov Palin’s daughter, Bristol, and her out-of-wedlock pregnancy.  I applaud the pro-life choice.  I disapprove of the publicity the decision/(news?) has been receiving (as it seems my thoughts agrees with yours).  The candidate’s personal life can go under the microscope, but the personal life of his or her kin should not.  This morning I read an article (link) and a voter (Republican in St. Paul, age 78) was quoted saying, “You can’t judge the parent by the actions of a child, and you certainly shouldn’t judge your candidates that way.”  Yes I realize this wasn’t an official statement put out by your campaign, and it might be from some lady (Rosalie Ninas) whose kids turned out terrible and doesn’t want to take the blame, but I completely disagree with the quote.  I do not think the ‘Nature versus Nurture’ debate is all black and white, but I firmly believe that kids turn into the type of adults their parents mold them (whether intentional or not).  Kids make mistakes, and I don’t believe Gov Palin’s daughter’s pregnancy should be viewed as good nor bad for her campaign, it is just something that happened.

My concerns are not with the fact that she is a woman either, period.  I think our government needs a slap in the face wake up, and I am very happy that regardless of which party wins in November, it will be a historic moment.

My concerns are not even with the state trooper scandal investigation… well… that does raise my eyebrows a little…

My concerns are with her readiness for office.  I believe her as a person makes a very welcoming and friendly face for the candidacy, but as the school board demands of Harold Hill in Meredith Wilson’s The Music Man, “What about the credentials???”  This vice presidential candidate you have chosen has a short political history with no foreign policy experience (among other shortcomings).  Your campaign, Senator McCain, seems to be centered a great deal around foreign policy.  Yes, Gov Palin has a young, friendly, attractive face whose policies and demeanor coincide with yours, but let’s face it, you are 72 years old.

Doctors have said you are physically fit for office.  I don’t doubt their judgement at all.  But say you take office, and God forbid, something from your medical history decides it wasn’t finished, or a new something comes up and you are unable to continue being Command-in-Chef… it would be a scary day if Gov Sarah Palin was hastened to that new title.  Senator McCain, you have lots of experience, and Gov Palin has even less that Senator Obama.  You told the world Senator Obama didn’t have the experience needed to take Office as President, but your running mate needs to have that potential as well.  This would be OK, not ideal, but OK if you were younger, but I can not take that risk with my vote.

In an article from Reuters today (link), Dan Schnur, one of your aides during the 2000 presidential bid, was quoted saying, “her family difficulties could have a positive effect with voters accustomed to family problems.”  That struck a strange chord with me.  Yes, we know many, if not the majority of American families may be labeled as having ‘family problems’, but how is that a positive for your campaign???  If I were running for president and had chosen a running mate that was once in prison, I’m sure all those guys and gals in prison would be hootin’ and hollerin’.  That does not make it good.

Senator McCain, I apologize for my long winded correspondence, however, I felt like I needed to make my opinions known.  All is not lost with my vote, however close it may be.  My vote is not completely decided until I head to the polls in November.  I look forward to watching and listening to the upcoming debates between you/Palin and Obama/Biden.  It promises to be a very interesting few months on the political trail.

~ A vote in the swing state of Ohio (Jason)

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