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Daddy's not very sneaky

Little Lady Sleeping

One of the greatest parts of being a dad is that the day is packed full of moments that ordinarily wouldn’t be all that funny but for some unknown (probably parental) reason, are hilarious at the moment.  They are moments that really aren’t all that funny if a retelling is attempted later (sorry in advance), unless of course it’s being retold to the kid’s Mom (because she sure gets it).  Moments you try to remember but know that the memory won’t last more than a few minutes because something else is bound to happen.

Well I just had one of those moments.

Sitting here, on the floor, hunched over an iPhone, in the dark, with an audience of stuffed animals watching over my shoulder (they were watching a camel run on YouTube with Little Lady and me), getting a draft written so I don’t lose the moment.

After watching the camel run about 15 times and turning the screen of the iPhone off, Little Lady laid her head down and wiggled around a bit to get comfortable.  A few minutes passed and all was quiet.  And I got the itch to check.  I slowly, very sneakily, turned my head to see if she was asleep. But of course her face was away from the night light and shadows were over her eyes.

I stared very intensely, trying to make out any recognizable shape in the shadow.

I even leaned forward, getting my face less than a foot away from hers…

“Hi….” Came from Little Lady, but in such a low whisper that I thought she might be sleep talking.

10 seconds pass, “Hi…”  A bit more clear.

Now I’m a little concerned but keep staring.

“Hi Daddy!”

Caught… without missing a beat or blinking an eye I slowly, expressionlessly, back off, knowing full well those eyes were definitely not closed much less asleep.

Settling back down next to the crib the room is silent once more. She never sits up, doesn’t say anything more, doesn’t really move at all.

I just had to chuckle at the interaction. Of all the possible reactions she could have had, that was definitely the one to have!

But she’s breathing like she’s asleep, now. I think my chance for escape is here. Sneaky Daddy … take two …

At least I’m more sneaky than that camel…

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