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Crypie Humor: Office Window Rain

Crypie Humor - Office Window Rain

Sure has been a LOT of rain in San Antonio the last few days!  It doesn’t rain very often here… but when it does… it pours, it floods, it gets muddy, it is nasty!

I think the mud is the worst part of the rain.

We have a decent size back yard.  We do not have a decent amount of grass.

When the rain comes, Wife and I dread letting the dogs out into the backyard.  We know that when they come back to the door their paws will be caked in mud.  Not fun to clean off the dogs and not fun to clean off the carpets.

But as with nearly all things in life, there is humor to be found.  The comic this post is for all my Crypie brethren out there.  Some days you never see the sun but it sure is an amazing windowless world!

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