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Christmas Decorations

This year… Christmas 2012… will be the first year that Wife and I will decorate the house for Christmas.  Granted, this will only be our third Christmas as husband and wife, but to me this seems a momentous occasion!

Typically, we have not decorated at all the outside and very little the inside due to the fact that we have not spent much of the holidays in our own home.  The typical tradition has been to head to wherever our parents are and celebrate with them.  This year, however, Wife, Daughter, the pups and I have decided to stay home for the holidays, celebrate the birth and bring in the new year with new family traditions.

While we will miss the family, this approach comes with perks!  Hint: See title of this post!

Being military and knowing that a move is always right around the corner, I am making a challenge of fitting all my outside decorations into a single storage tub.  Honestly, I don’t think it will be much of an issue.  Lights can’t take up too much space, right?  Well at least it won’t be much of a challenge for the first few years.  As with most things (snow balls rolling down a hill included), I’m sure it will start to accumulate.

Icicle lights -> Colored lights -> Festive wreathes -> Manger Scene -> Giant inflatable polar bears chasing Santa’s Elves

You know… the typical holiday decoration progression…

For now, though, I’ve got my tub and a blank slate for exterior Christmas decorating ideas.  Will most definitely be a merry Christmas!

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