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Browser Frustrations on OS X

I’m writing this post from my newest installed application on my Mac, Opera.  It is my last hope!

Some 2 1/2 years ago I made the switch from Windows to Mac and I haven’t ever even teased the thought of going back.  But I have one major complaint about OS X, the Internet browsers are all terrible!  Maybe it is just me, but I’m pretty sure it isn’t….

Mozilla Firefox

Not too much wrong, love the plugins and the community.  The killer is the load time!  I just opened up Firefox on my machine and the icon in the dock bounced a total of 47 times!  That is totally unacceptable.

Apple Safari

Safari on the other hand has a fantastic load time.  This is mainly the reason that I keep going back to it.  But the one major annoyance with it is its lack of ability to move on in loading a page after it gets stuck on an ‘item’.  For example, I point the browser towards some page and the status bar starts going and tells me X of Y items loaded.  All appears to be fine, but then it just hangs.  The status bar will say something like 67 of 72 items loaded (3 errors) and it will just wait there.  Below is a screen shot of the status bar from a tab that has Google Reader.  The tab has been open for over a 1/2 hour and just sits there.  Some images on the page won’t load because they are one of the remaining items left to load.  I know the images work because I am able to right click and view the image in a new tab.  Also when I try and load the page in Firefox, everything works fine.


I haven’t played around with it too much yet, but it seems like the page loads are fairly slow.  Also the load time of the application was pretty slow.  This might be cause it hasn’t been used too much and is still working on starting up the application efficiently.  But it is my last hope.  I’m intrigued by the Opera Turbo, but I’m skeptical of the whole application because it is not nearly as mainstream as Firefox or Safari.

If anyone else has had these issues and has a fix, I would be amazing if you could help me out.  Computers are so frustrating sometimes.

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