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Bob Barker gone Political

Have you heard? California is trying to make it illegal to own a cat or dog that isn’t spayed or neutered without a permit.

The actual name of the proposed bill is the ‘Healthy Pets Act’ and it is discrimination to non-pure bred cats and dogs. The bill states that permits could be permitted to pretty much only purebreds… that so called ‘muts’ are not worthy of kittens and puppies. The supporters of this bill say this will help the stray pet population. I say that it won’t.

Somehow, I don’t think lots of people who find their dog having puppies are just going to throw them out into the street… the stray population is being supported by the stray population, and they are already spayed or neutered when they are picked up. What this bill seems to be doing is saying that purebred dogs are ‘better’ than mixed dogs. Now I’m a proponent of spaying and neutering your pets in the first place… I don’t see it as a bad thing, but at this point in time I don’t think that it is even slightly a bit of the government’s business to be telling you whether or not you have to. Apparently Bob Barker after taping his last ‘Price is Right’ went straight to the phone to start lobbying for this bill to pass.

I don’t know if any of my readers are from California. But if you are, please voice a negative opinion on this matter.

Yes, help control the pet population… but don’t let the government force you into something that currently is none of their business.


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