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Billy Currington is my conscience

So Saturday night at Taste we I was standing around, waiting for Sean to get some food at a booth. I wasn’t paying attention to much of anything, just looking around, watching the people pass. If you don’t know what the crowd at Taste is at let me try an paint a picture. Take a street of your local downtown (this one is 5th street, so pretty far downtown) crowd booths on both sides of the road and then crowd thousands of people on the street in between the booths, all trying to get to their next beer booth without much concern of those around them… but anyway… So I was standing there, watching the crowd and I looked into the wave heading my way and caught the look of this very cute girl walking past, just looking at me. My first reaction was huh? do I know her? But I didn’t. I followed her look for two seconds before she seemed to realize I was returning her gaze. She smiled a very cute smile. My brain at that point was very confused… why is this girl looking at me? wait she smiled, what am I suppose to do? hah, so you get the drift of my confusion. I think I might have tried to return a smile… but I’m not quite sure how that turned out. And then as quick as MC Hammer’s career was over, so was she gone. I was just excited that ‘cute taste of cincinnati girl’ smiled at me… hah. And as we walked away in the other direction, Billy Currington’s voice popped in my head… “you fool, that coulda been love”…

Haha, thought I would amuse you with my little romance this weekend ;-)

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