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Being an open-minded church goer

I am always too skeptical when I go to new churches.

This morning I met Dan and Katie at Crossroads Community Church up near Norwood. I know a few people that attend this church, and just from looking on the outside I knew it was a big church. I wasn’t prepared for when I walked in the doors though. We all literally thought we were in a children’s museum, such as COSI. The lobby is a huge open area with coffee stands littered about the room and even a soda machine with ‘coffee shmoffee’ labeled across the top. It was a very contemporary and comfortable atmosphere.

Walking into the auditorium we were blown away by the size. Not only was there a balcony, but there was also a second balcony… so I guess they have a lodge. The lights were dim in the auditorium giving a (as Dan called it) non-confrontational feel. They must have some pretty awesome concerts at this church.

We were catching the tail-end of a sermon series on ‘home’. Our home in the church, our community, and (today’s sermon) our earth.

The general message of the sermon was God gave us this amazing custom home that we call earth. At this point in time we are destroying it… and its time to stop waiting for someone else to make the difference, and bring the concept of change on your own. I liked the message, I didn’t enjoy the sermon though.

The preacher (Brian I believe) had many statistics and quotes, among those from scientists and the documentary ‘An Inconvenient Truth’. I feel like I am knowledgeable enough to have vocal opinions on many political stances including some issues with the environment. Brian told us that our earth, our home, is in danger, and we should take it upon ourselves to make a difference.

He also stated though:

  • Every year 5% of all forests in the world are burned. This is bad
  • What he failed to mention was how much of those burned forests are replanted. And he also didn’t mention that when forests are burned down it can actually be positive for the environment because it revitalizes the soil.
  • By the year 2015 (I think is the year he stated) 40% of the world will be plagued with water deficiency.
  • This doesn’t surprise me, and its not fault entirely of the destruction of our environment. 88% of our world lives in ‘third world’ nations. Yes, I’m aware probably isn’t the most reliable source, but the current true number can’t be far off. People in third world nations aren’t getting water for reasons well beyond just the weather.

My last complaint is that I didn’t feel that the preacher brought the Bible or God into the current equation. He read Bible verses stating that we are in this world and are put in charge of the upkeep of this world. He stated God created the world, but after that I felt almost as if God disappeared and left us to keep his creation healthy. I wanted to hear what the Bible and God have to say about a healthy planet.

I’m being too hard on the service. I am way too skeptical every time I go to a new church. I am always looking for negative aspects.

I will of course be going back to this church to give it more time. I like the atmosphere and I know I like people that go there. So far I don’t like the lack of singing and I didn’t feel as though it was very personal. All the flashiness and Broadway-esque qualities made the service feel more like a production than a connection with God.

Go in with an open mind Jason and maybe I will find what I’m looking for.

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