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BDCP Application... take 2


Yup, I’ve decided it is time to start putting things together to submit my BDCP application again.  As you might know, I was in January boards for Information Warfare, but was non-select

For the past month and a half I have been living the good life out in Silicon Valley working for Apple Corp.  When I was first offered this job, it was not long after I found out I was non-select, and I thought this might be a little nudge from someone upstairs saying, “hey… look at the options”.  I was and still am very excited about my opportunity with Apple.  The job is amazing, the people I work with are some of the smartest folks I have ever met, the work environment is so relaxed and easy going… its just a fun place to be.  Sitting in the same cube, writing code and testing machines, is not the place I think I want to be right when I get out of school.  

I want to travel and I want new experiences.  Don’t misunderstand me though, if the Navy doesn’t work out, Apple or a place like it would be an amazing place to start a career.

Earlier this week, I emailed my recruiter again to tell him I was living out in California and that I wanted to get my application going again.  I thought that being out here might be a great opportunity for me to talk to some Naval Officers that might be in the Bay Area, who I might also be able to interview with for a letter of recommendation.  I have also, already talked to my manager at Apple who was all onboard for writing me a LOR.  Beyond new LORs I have an updated resume which includes such things as my employment at Apple, as well as a slightly higher GPA.

I’m not sure what month I am aiming for boards at yet.  I’ll have to write a letter of reconsideration to the board as well, which I think only strengthens my application.  I don’t want to rush this application and send it in until I am very confident with all its assets.  My main goal is to get some very strong letters of recommendation.Wish me luck as I test my patience while I hurry up and wait!

PS… check this out: 

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