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Bad Advertising by Virgin America

Yes I realize that me writing a post on Virgin America (with links) just provides more free advertisement for them… but I have nothing against the company, just an ad I recently saw.  Virgin America actually is in good standing with me.  They sponsor one of my favorite podcasts, Diggnation.

To the point though… one of their advertising ploys is showcasing the fact that every passenger has an individual outlet at their seat.  This is amazing!  I love it… it’d be great for my laptop.  When I’m sitting in an airport, typically I’m on my MacBook, but I am always careful about how much I use my laptop pre-flight so I have enough juice to last me through.  Most of the time this isn’t an issue, but with flying Virgin America… this would never be an issue.

But today, I was browsing some touristy sites finding some events and locations to visit when my parents are in town next weekend, and I saw this image:

Virgin America Advertisement

Yes it gets the point across… but let me say one thing that I am sure every person in the world would agree with me on.  If I am sitting on a plane, it doesn’t matter whether isle, middle, or window seat, I sure as anything do not want the person sitting next to me, in front of me, behind me, or really anywhere within ear shot, blow-drying their hair during the flight.  First off, why would anyone need to blow-dry their hair during a flight?  I’m pretty sure there aren’t showers on Virgin America flights.  Hearing a blow-dryer while packed close to other people would be one annoyance, but if the hot air got anywhere near me, I’m pretty sure I would flip.

That’s really all I have to say about that.  I saw that image and just had to go on a 5 minute rant.  Nonetheless, I can’t wait to fly Virgin America sometime and keep my laptop charged!

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