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Back to the Navy BDCP application

So last time I wrote about starting up my BDCP application, nothing else happened.  I never got any calls about setting up interviews to get some better letters of recommendation, nor did I really have any updates to my application package.

On Monday, however, my phone rang, and it was my recruiter telling me that he just received a memo that there is a request for more Information Warfare officers, exactly what I was going for.  He said he remembered that my ASTB scores were very good and I had a competitive application, but since I was only applying for IW, the outlook of placement was very dim.  The thought was with this special request for more IW officers, my application would have a better chance of being approved by the board.

My recruiter emailed me my application to make relevant updates, and I started sending out some emails again to get some better letters of recommendation.  I talked with my current manager at Kroger, my manager from Apple, and the guy I worked with most of the time at Apple.  All three said there would be no problems with writing a letter for me.

When updating my application, there is a section about prior attempts at applying for an officer position.  I made note of my prior application that went before the board in January of 2008.  It makes me wonder, though, is having a prior attempt seen as a positive or negative?  In my honest (and hopeful) opinion I think it will be seen as a positive.  It will show the board that I have persistence, and that this is an opportunity that I would really like to seek out its availability.

I have to say, after the phone call with my recruiter, I was very excited.  I went back over to AirWarriors and read through some threads, finding InformationWarriors, a forum for Information Warfare, started by some of the folks from AirWarriors.  It only added to my excitement, hah.

That’s really all the update I have right now.  I wanted to get this ongoing thread of posts back up and running.  I have received so many great comments and emails regarding my application to the Navy!  And even though my posts regarding the Navy and BDCP are only a fraction of the posts on my blog, they receive more traffic than any other posts by far.  I’m glad that I have been able to help so many along this process, as others have helped me.  Feel free to leave a comment or send an email ([email protected])!

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