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Arrested Development

Due to some persistent nagging of some friends, I have started working my way through the show Arrested Development.  I’m pretty sure the show has been finished for a few years, but according to the guys, its a must see.

I am about six episodes into the first season and enjoying it.  The best way to describe it is… its like a bedtime story, a really strange and dysfunctional bedtime story.  I like it!

The general plot so far (which you can gather from the opening credits) is a company whose CEO  is the father of a family gets busted for criminal activity.  The entire family is crazy in their own bizzare way and does not know the meaning of work.  One of the middle children of the CEO (the children are adults) tries to use his sense in bringing a very uncooperative family together to make things right.  And yes, this does involve a banana stand burning to the ground, brown paper bags labeled “Dead Dove, Do Not Eat!”, and of course a FIRE… sale.

Check out the show.  It is a good 1/2 hour show.  You can easily knock out a few episodes here and there without having to give up an entire day.  See ya!

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