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A New ‘Magic Kingdom’

So I have never been a huge fan of Harry Potter, but you must check this out… I think it will definitely call for a trip to Florida.

Here’s my thoughts on Harry Potter…

I think the story and the concept are brilliant!…(dare I say ‘bloody brilliant’?) It is every kid’s dream when growing up through younger years to have magical powers, to fly, to face and defeat evil. I as much as every other boy stood on the couch at one point believing that if I thought and believed hard enough that when I jumped off… I would stay aloft.

Now they have this concept that is supposed to be around in just a few years that will bring this fantasy to full size real life.

My roommate is (for lack of more descriptive words) completely and utterly obsessed with Harry Potter. He has read all the books a number of times, owns all the movies and wears them out constantly, and I know he’s already heard about this theme park. It is pretty much a guarantee that he will go down as soon as it opens and be jumping over the leagues of munchkins to get through the gate.

In the article they state that the ‘thrill seekers’ won’t be forgotten. The Fox article makes the park sound almost like a sightseeing tour, but I am glad they add in the hint of rides. Me personally? I guess I could take a trip on a flying broomstick… no? Hah… I’m getting excited just thinking about it.

Here’s to making every little kids dream come to life!

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