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A little bit about the status quo…

Here me out on this one… let’s look at our President, as the ‘Dad’ of the country…

Today I was reading through my blogs and ran across this article from about “Congress’s Failure to Act on Comprehensive Immigration Reform”. There is a definite somber tone in this article as President Bush puts on his fatherly voice of disappointment to talk about his wayward child, congress.

Ok… so congress doesn’t really equate to the President’s kid, but we do, don’t we?

Think about it, what he (maybe soon to be she?) says goes… he’s the commander of the armed forces and can declare war… he has power to veto any bill that comes his way… he is the head guy, big cheese, wearing the pants in our country…

My Dad did (and still does) use the guilt trip ‘punishment’ on me… its worse than anything.

If you think about him as the ‘father’ of the United States at the moment, many are missing out on the key parental demand of respect. Now I for one don’t agree with everything that President Bush says or does, but I do respect the man. If you notice in most (if not all) of my posts regarding the President, I refer to him as President Bush, or some near, respectable title. Yes, you go back and look; it has been a conscious (and sometimes very difficult) effort. You don’t hear me calling him names or referring to him as Georgie, or the ‘Big W’, or anything. He has a lot on his plate, and even though he hasn’t made all the right choices in my eyes, he hasn’t done a ‘two thumbs down’ job…. maybe only a ‘one-and-a-half’ thumbs down. Of course most negative opinions are from the war on Iraq, but I think positive accolades need to be given for his work on immigration. I really like the plan on the plate… although, apparently congress doesn’t.

This post is kind of jumping all over the place… I’m just spouting random thoughts, so if you’ve made it this far congrats, it probably isn’t going to get much better.

I’ve harped on the immigration reform many times already, but again I feel like I need to get my opinion across.


Let’s hear one person give an argument against that…. seriously.

So the conservatives think that the reform is granting amnesty to those illegal aliens already here? I don’t think it is… they have it tough to become a legal citizen… and we can’t make it impossible or else no illegal aliens will want to let themselves be found

So the liberals think that the fine is too high for the illegal aliens? They’ve already broken the law… are you the ones trying to give them amnesty?

We need something right now that is better than the status quo, and that is what President Bush has offered.

Hello Congress, my name is Jason Pawlak… I have a request… Why won't you get off your high horses and learn to compromise...

…or else nothing will ever change.

I personally have a hard time imagining much change in the illegal aliens that are already in our country. Even with the so-called ‘amnesty’ I doubt many will let themselves be found. Our real plan should be centered on protecting the border. I’ve already given my plan there for securing the border… check it out here if you haven’t seen it. It’s a winner :-)

Talking about politicians always gets me frustrated… grr

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