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Husband, Dad, Navy Officer, Coder, and Tinkerer. I have many interests and am always looking to learn something new. This site is a launching point to the many areas of the Internet that represent me.

A little bit about Sneezing

You might find this a little bit strange, but I love sneezing.  It is such a relaxing action.  Sure the actual event of a sneeze is quite violent, but the after… peaceful.

According to a little bit of research, sneezing occurs mostly due to “foreign particles or sufficient external stimulants passing through the nasal hairs to reach the nasal mucosa” (wiki).  These triggers can be “sudden exposure to bright light, a particularly full stomach, or as a result of unexpected climatic variation in one’s environment such as rapid changes in temperature and humidity levels”.

When I sneeze, i get a little tickle in my nose and start to tense up, expecting the sneeze.  Then the tickle either builds or dies off.  Once it builds enough my body tenses up and I let out a big sneeze.  After the sneeze… relaxation.

Do you know what is better than one sneeze?  That’s right… two sneezes.  People always give me a funny look when I tell them I like sneezing… but oh well… they just don’t understand.

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