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A Lego sort of day!

I’m not sure what makes today so special, but I have this intense hankering to build Legos!

You all know what Legos are, those little blocks that you piece together to build amazing creations and have hours (if not days) of entertainment on one project. Have you ever been to Lego Land in California? My family and I went there a number of years ago, and it was great. They have Lego people blown up to life size and Lego cars you can race around in. They also had the Lego Mindstorms building where we had a competition of some sort. I think it had to do with moving a ball or something somewhere. It was good fun.

In addition to all the fun things to do, they have amazing Lego creations to look at everywhere. I think they have people on staff who’s entire job description is to build legos into monstrous and spectacular sights. What a job that would be. You would never have to search through a bottomless been for just the right Lego!

I once spent a week organizing every single one of our thousands of Legos when I was growing up. I don’t remember why I did it. I might have been grounded and that was the best way I could find to pass the time, or maybe I just did it on my own… I really don’t remember. I’m pretty sure all the Legos are still (for the most part) separated. But today… for some reason, I want to build something.

What’s the coolest thing you ever built out of Legos? Was it a set or something of your own creation?

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