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A bit of bathroom talk…

There are a few items in regards to the bathroom that I think should be discussed.

So you get into the bathroom in the morning and what is the one thing that everyone (well probably almost everyone) does before hopping in the shower? … they go to the bathroom. After doing your thing, you can’t really flush the toilet for the reason of it doing one of two things. It will either kill the pressure in your shower… or worse… make it blazing hot (or frigidly cold)! 15 or so minutes later, you hop out of the shower dry off, do whatever else you do in there (shave… brush your teeth… comb your hair… put on deodorant… blah blah blah…) and head back to the bedroom to get ready the rest of the way for the day.

HALT! … wait a second … didn’t you forget something?

That’s right, everyone all together now… “flush the toilet!”

Your honor… I am guilty as charged (along with every other person who ever took a shower…) I have forgotten to flush the toilet after the shower and before leaving the bathroom. For a while I would flush the toilet, wash my hands, then brush my teeth in order to let the shower water settle back down… but that didn’t last… I like brushing my teeth to be one of the last things I do when in the bathroom. That way my mouth feels like a festival and parade of mints with me as the Grand Marshal!

Seriously though… don’t you hate it when you get back from work in the afternoon, go to use the restroom only to find yourself questioning your bladder… wait a second, did I already go? It really isn’t all that bad when it is yellow… you’re just letting it mellow. On the bad day when you forget to flush and its brown, by golly I bet you find yourself wishing you had flushed it down!

It is really rather disgusting walking into a bathroom that has had a toilet sitting there full and unflushed for an extended period of time. This is especially true when the bathroom is located in an area of the house that stays pretty toasty at all hours of the day.

So what do you do to help remind yourself to flush before leaving the bathroom in the morning? Most of the time I just leave the lid up as a reminder staring me right in the face to push that shiny little silver lever that we would all hate to live without.

On a side note for all you guys out there… don’t you just hate it when you are standing up over the toilet, hanging freely and doing your thing when all of a sudden the urge hits you? You then think, “darnit, now I gotta sit down!” If you’re lucky you’ll be close to being finished and you can just wait a few seconds until you’re drained and do the great 180… just not too fast ;-) What is terrible is when you get the urge and you aren’t even close to being drained. “Man, I knew I should have just taken a seat…” The process to follow isn’t much fun. Once I’m flowing I prefer to just finish instead of somehow kinking the hose. But hey, it happens.

That’s about all the bathroom talk for now. I did have one more topic I wanted to discuss but I think I might save that for a post unto itself!

This will probably be my last real post for a little bit (bout a week). I will be traveling to Boston tomorrow with my roommate to visit my brother Dan and his wife Katie. We’ll be out there until late next Tuesday night. Classes start up Wednesday morning. We’ll be traveling Sky Bus (rountrip ticket from Columbus to Boston for just over 50 bucks!) I’ll most likely give a few shorter posts talking about what’s going on in Bean Town… but maybe I won’t. I’ll be on vacation so I’ll do whatever I please :-)

Take it easy!

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