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Another quarter done...

Another quarter has come and gone. After throwing together my degree completion plan for the Navy, I realize that I really don’t have all too long left. Sure it is 2.5 years, but looking at the classes that are ahead of me, it should be a good time.While working with a few of my advisors I have found some classes that really perk my interest, like network security, artificial intelligence, data encryption, and all that geeky fun stuff.

My final grades are officially posted, and I am very pleased:

Technical Writing: A-
Financial Accounting: B
Men's Chorus: A
Assembler: A
Discrete Mathematics: A

This means I have a quarter GPA of 3.6, DEAN’S LIST!It’s ashame I’m not already in the BDCP, if I get Dean’s list for 2 or 3 (can’t remember exactly) quarters in a row, I get a increase in the payscale. That would be nice. I am however resubmitting my transcript to my processor. The increased cum. gpa in addition to grades that are all nice and pretty should help my application.

So now that the quarter is over, I am working full time at Kroger until Friday, December 21st. After that I will be leaving Kroger to seek other opportunities. I ran into one of my favorite HR ladies who wanted to make sure she got my personal email address so we could stay in contact after I leave. That is one extremely positive thing about Kroger as a company: The people (Almost all the people) really are great! (one of the core values)

So next quarter I am hoping to get a job on campus as some form of IT guy. I’m not really sure yet, but I know there are opportunities. Then come Spring quarter I will start co-oping again, where you might ask? I have no idea yet.

Classes for Winter quarter (starting January 7, 2008) are as follows: Topics in Literature (topic: monsters in fiction) Marksmanship and Leadership (because seriously, how much fun will that be!) UC Men’s Chorus Network System’s Programming Wireless and Mobile Networking Introduction to Computer Organization (which I have heard is a beast)

Sounds like a hefty but fun quarter to me. It is a total of 15 credit hours.

It is rainy and nasty in Cincinnati, hope it is better where you are!

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