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Due to people that have nothing better to spend their time doing other than making other people’s lives miserable, I will not be posting my email directly on the site. Instead (and more fun) I will post different ways that I have come up with to generate my email address. If you have tried all possible methods and are still unable to obtain my email address, I suggest you visit my blog and leave a comment there with your contact info. Have fun!

  • Follow the underlined characters: Just Another Silly Ordinary Night And Please Ask Why Llamas Ate Kiwis @ gmail <dot> com
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  • View a magic-eye image to read my (now old but still useable) email address. Props to for creating this stereogram.
  • View my (now old but still useable) email address drawn as ascii art (thanks to ASCII Generator).
  • Use the contact form at the bottom of the page.
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