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Workplace Waltz (Destroyer style…)

This morning I had an experience that I felt was comical and worthy of sharing here, but when I sat down to start typing, something felt eerily familiar... Turns out that, even though I forgot both my coffee (more on this below) and lunch at home this morning, I could somehow almost sorta kinda remember writing about the exact same topic here on this blog a few years back (yes, that's May of 2009)... Quick search... and VOILA, there it was!  So without further adieu (so much French today...), Read more [...]

Happy Birthday Little Lady!

There's really no way around it, missing birthdays ... sucks. Unfortunately I am off to a poor start for Little Lady's birthday record.  0 for 2. I was there for the initial birth <space> day, though, for which I am extremely grateful. But I guess that is just one of the quirks that comes with the job, of being a Navy Daddy.  Wife is a superstar, though.  She made sure we were able to celebrate with a birthday (pan)cake a few mornings ago, candles and everything.  It was quite Read more [...]

Adventure on the way…

Have you seen the Canadian Space Agency channel on YouTube?  I'm a fan.  Chris Hadfield is an astronaut on the International Space Station and he does video blogging from the ISS.  Folks will write him asking questions about what life is like in space and he will video short few minute responses back.  Very interesting in fact! The video below is titled, "How you can achieve your goals".  And the particular message of this video I felt was worth sharing.  And the message can be summed Read more [...]

Operate Forward

Today I had a guest post published on CDR Sean Heritage's blog... Right then, right there, with keystrokes and mouse clicks, our CNO exercised the second of his three tenets, Operate Forward. Operating forward simply means that we and our actions are deliberately taken to the target, whether friendly or not. And in a world that becomes digitally connected with one another more and more every day, our lives, for better or worse, are increasingly being lived online. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Read more [...]

I make up words

I am a HUGE fan of made up words. Well... I guess a more accurate statement would be I am never afraid to use a word that may not actually be a word according to Webster if I feel that it gets across my point. One of my favorite made up words is: efficinize efficinize definition ef·fi·ci·nize verb \i-ˈfi-shi-ˌnīz\ definition: to be productive of desired effects usage: I will efficinize our processes so that we can create more product in the same amount of time. You see, simply, Read more [...]