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Turn Baby Turn! (w/ Daddy Translations)

So... this post is about baby stuff.  What I'm going to do for you (because I also am a dumb dude) is write... One paragraph of what's happening --- Crazy little spout of baby drama over the last week in our house!  Baby's due date is December 23rd and at our last appointment baby was still transverse. So on the doctor's advise, we made an appointment with Labor and Delivery at the hospital we are planning to deliver at, to get an ultrasound and possible external cephalic Read more [...]

South Texas Snow

Living in South Texas has its benefits ... such as today's mid 70 degree weather ... in DECEMBER! That said, it doesn't snow here.  Well ... it did once.  We had just moved here back in February of 2011 and a blanket of ice/snow fell from the sky and the entire city shut down (link).  And I mean really shut down.  Not just school closings but like city-wide-emergency-do-not-even-look-out-the-window-shutdown.  Of course later that afternoon everything was melted and it was back up to the Read more [...]

Day #3 … Dear Journal, hunger is settling in

Dear Journal, Today is day #3 of Little Lady/Daddy-quality-time-week.  While Wife is traveling, we've been having ourselves a good time here at home playing, dancing, eating, singing, and watching TV.  Wife is smart and for the well-being of both Little Lady and me, made a few quick meals before heading out the door. But like I said ... it is day #3 ... and the lunchtime food ... IS GONE! Never mind the fact that Little Lady and I have eaten the same lunch every lunch for the last Read more [...]

A family that dances together…

A few weeks back I picked up a Google Chromecast from Best Buy and got it all hooked up. Since then ... We have been dancing! The available features for the Chromecast on an iPhone are limited, but it does allow us to broadcast YouTube videos. And on the YouTube app, you can search and watch playlists. Hello Just Dance Kids! Now let me be a little candid here... It. Is. AWESOME! Little Lady is loving it. She dances in ways only a 2-year-old can dance and wears herself out. I Read more [...]

Death of the Paci

Slowly ... cautiously ... carefully ... I open the front door.  Coming home from work.  What is on the other side ... I just don't know! Like a fine wine, cigar, or comic book collection ... Little Lady has spent the last two years, her only two years, perfecting the art of being a paci connoisseur.  And this week, Wife and I have ripped them away like duct tape on the tuchus of a grizzly bear.  It hasn't been pretty, many trials have been and are still being had. As I cross the threshold, Read more [...]