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A family that dances together…

A few weeks back I picked up a Google Chromecast from Best Buy and got it all hooked up. Since then ... We have been dancing! The available features for the Chromecast on an iPhone are limited, but it does allow us to broadcast YouTube videos. And on the YouTube app, you can search and watch playlists. Hello Just Dance Kids! Now let me be a little candid here... It. Is. AWESOME! Little Lady is loving it. She dances in ways only a 2-year-old can dance and wears herself out. I Read more [...]

  Over the last few years, the quantity and quality of edutainment videos to hit the mainstream have gone through the roof!  PBS has always prided itself with kids shows that bring educational value in a entertaining manner, but nothing compares to what YouTube has brought to the masses. Many of my favorite YouTube channels teach me every day about Physics, Chemistry, how the world works, Politics, Governments and a very wide variety of levels.  Much of the time giving enough taste Read more [...]

Adventure on the way…

Have you seen the Canadian Space Agency channel on YouTube?  I'm a fan.  Chris Hadfield is an astronaut on the International Space Station and he does video blogging from the ISS.  Folks will write him asking questions about what life is like in space and he will video short few minute responses back.  Very interesting in fact! The video below is titled, "How you can achieve your goals".  And the particular message of this video I felt was worth sharing.  And the message can be summed Read more [...]

Ted | Amanda Palmer: The art of asking

Making it through my Instapaper queue and came across a recent tweet that I had saved. I like Ted Talks.  They are typically personal and relatable.  Some person's wisdom from experiences brought to the masses through story in a concise and well produced video. In this video, Amanda Palmer (a name that was previously unknown to me) talks about her struggle to fund her dream of making music full time.  Through this struggle, she learns to rely on the people that love and support her the most, Read more [...]

iPhone/iPad Tutorial: Disable home button and touch

Intro: ! ! Attention all parents that let their kids use an iPhone or iPad ! ! This... is... amazing... Did you know that you can very simply disable the home button and touch on the screen?  I did not, but now I know. This has been one of my huge annoyances with video chatting using FaceTime or Skype.  Little Lady means no harm, but just enjoys pushing all the buttons she sees both on the screen and physical.  And now the annoyance will be no more 🙂 For max awesomeness, below Read more [...]