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Before college I never really had any tv shows that I subscribed to religiously ... well, I take that back ... back in 1995, my older brother and I made a pact that neither one of us would ever miss an episode of Wishbone. Really though, of course we had shows that we liked to watch like Home Improvement and the sitcoms of TGIF, but it wasn't till college that I had shows that I wanted to make sure that I watched every single episode and of course only in chronological order as not to ruin any Read more [...]

Toshimote – iPhone remote for Linux media server

Welcome to Toshimote! Toshimote is a web application that I developed for use with an Ubuntu media server I have hooked up to my television. I was tired of using VNC to do something as simple as pause a video and Toshimote is the result. If you would like to make visit my static apps page on Toshimote, head over to: AND click here to view a hands on (non-working) demo of the site (best viewed from iPhone). Resources Toshiba Satellite M55-S325 Ubuntu Read more [...]

Music from Circus on PBS

My wife and I just finished watching Circus on PBS.  It is a six hour mini series/documentary that follows around the Big Apple Circus throughout their 2008 to 2009 season.  The show was fantastic!  I'm a big fan of PBS documentaries.  A couple years back they had one called Carrier that followed around the USS Nimitz (CVN 68) for a cruise that was a great watch as well.  The great thing about these documentaries, though, is the perspective they take.  It isn't just how a circus show is put Read more [...]

Wieners and TV

What a sausage fest! Did you hear about all the Wieners just rolling around Cincinnati’s I-471 yesterday (9/26) morning? I mean really... just take a look:Apparently some truck tipped over and spilled all these rotten hot dogs, sausages, along with some other processed meat. How fun would it have been to see that!Anyway... on to other important matters, let's talk about a new TV show... Chuck.So I noticed this show that was on before Heroes on Monday evening, and it looked a little intriguing. Read more [...]