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The Pointy End of Raindrops

Today, Melissa and I finally got back out to where we made our first jump of 2010.  I could not believe it had been nearly 9 months since my last jump!  Both of us had made 17 jumps, which isn't enough for a license, but done with all the classroom material.  So we needed a refresher jump with an instructor before we could go back to jumping on our own. That's all fine and dandy, both of us liked the idea of having a little coaching and reminders on emergency procedures and Read more [...]

Hop and Pops

Yesterday evening, Melissa and I made jumps #8 and #9.  We are both loving the sport, the experience and the drop zone. As we progress through our AFF course, we have gone through categories A - E already (E has been my favorite so far) and are working through F.  F is comprised of three jumps, the first two are called hop and pops.  This is when you deploy your canopy immediately after exiting the aircraft from a lower altitude.  My first jump of the evening was from 5500' and the second Read more [...]

Skydiving AFF Cat A

On to my next big adventure! Melissa and I went out to Lebanon / Warren County Airport early yesterday (May 24th) morning for a day of learning about skydiving and making our first jumps.  We have both wanted to skydive for a long time, so what better time than now to give a go! Well holy smokes it was amazing!  We spent from 8am to 1pm in the classroom and outside practicing procedures before actually putting on our gear and heading to the Cessna Caravan. Once loaded and after takeoff, Read more [...]