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I never had a problem with my name, there are just a few words that always throw me for a loop no matter how often I hear them. For starters, in Middle/High School math classes, anytime the term 'adjacent' was used, regardless whether or not I was actually paying attention, my head would turn. And working in Software Development, JSON is a favorite. And yes, there's an app Dilbert for that... (via Dilbert) Read more [...]

Network Security Class

So I'm taking a class called, "Network Security."  The first assignment was to send our professor two emails, one containing the word "devolution" and the second containing the word "fallow" during the hours of 00:00 and 23:59, yesterday. The project has a simple explanation, intercept all emails and create a spreadsheet telling the professor at what time each student in the class sent him an email with one of those two keywords.  The first email with devolution had to be plain text and the second Read more [...]

Would we be smarter in a warmer climate?

Have you ever noticed that weather causes a specific ambiance of noise?  I'm not talking about the sound of raindrops on roses.  Nor am I talking about wind rustling leaves on a tree.  I am talking about the atmosphere created by weather. Imagine a morning not unlike this morning here in Cincinnati.  A soft layer of snow covered the ground as I walked to class while the temperature hung right around 16 ºF.  A bit cold, but no real wind to complain about. Now imagine a morning in September.  Read more [...]

What is wrong with people?

== Update - 12/22/2008 == My car was broken into last night.  They busted out the back right window.  They made a mess looking around the glove compartment, but looks like they only got away with my change drawer.  They made $1.50 and further proves my point that Clifton sucks. == end update == I have been thinking about writing a post like this for some time, but with recent events, I decided now is the time. Let me ask you a question... what is wrong with people?  Why do people think Read more [...]

Someone is trying to be me

Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I start and end my day in the same room in Baldwin.  The 9am class is Network Programming.  The 3pm class is Wireless and Mobile Networking.  For the first 3 or so weeks of the quarter I sat in the same class for each class.  Second row/left side/furthest seat left for Network Programming and Fourth row/right side/furthest seat to the right for Wireless and Mobile Networking.  And it was good. One class I walk into my 9am Network Programming and realize Read more [...]