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South Texas Snow

Living in South Texas has its benefits ... such as today's mid 70 degree weather ... in DECEMBER! That said, it doesn't snow here.  Well ... it did once.  We had just moved here back in February of 2011 and a blanket of ice/snow fell from the sky and the entire city shut down (link).  And I mean really shut down.  Not just school closings but like city-wide-emergency-do-not-even-look-out-the-window-shutdown.  Of course later that afternoon everything was melted and it was back up to the Read more [...]

Afghanistan Memory Memorial and Air Force Band

Weeknights are generally fairly consistent around our house.  Home from work -> play with the kid -> dinner -> bath -> bed.  We had a nice change of pace yesterday, though. Over the weekend, read an article in the Navy Times about Ron White, who is a memory champion as well as a former Navy Reserve IS1 (Intelligence Specialist, First Class).  He has decided to pay his respects to the nearly 2,200 US Military members that have made the ultimate sacrifice over the last 12 years in Read more [...]

The 39 Steps at The Company Theatre

Yesterday my wife took me to see "The 39 Steps", put on by The Company Theatre.  It was great.  It was based on an Alfred Hitchcock film which was based on an adventure novel by John Buchnan. We had a blast.  The play was taken on by four very funny, talented and ambitious actors (one actress) where over 100 characters were introduced, by just the four.  We had concerns that with all the costume changes we would not be able to keep up with the plot, but they did a great job. One of the Read more [...]

San Antonio High Speed Internet

I couldn't find any really recent posts out there about shopping around for San Antonio high speed internet.  Soon, we will be moving into a house and internet is just one of those things that needs to get done FAST! We don't need anything fancy, just internet that is decent speed and no phone or cable television (I think we might try AppleTV or GoogleTV with Netflix). Here's the quick and dirty of what I found for my new area: What I looked at I researched three potential providers, Read more [...]