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Cast On: Why this dude is knitting

Holy PURLING, Batman!  Knitting is so addictive! Just one more row... ok, for realsies this time, just one more row... sheesh my hands are aching... One of my New Year's resolutions was to learn how to knit and then knit something cool like an American Flag. You might be asking yourself why on earth would I, a dude, want to knit? Well the answer is really quite simple... it is one of the same reasons that I learned to fly planes.  It is one of the same reasons that I got my skydiving Read more [...]

Writing actual real letters with postage

Snail mail gets such a bad and unmerited reputation.  The firstness (yes I can make up words, it is my blog) of it is that it really isn't all that slow... As cited by the screen scrape below, letters sent locally arrive within one day 96% of the time and letters sent nationwide arrive within three days 94% of the time. That's a better success rate on trip time than I have when Wife sends me to the store to pick up milk! The secondness (and really more importantly) of the matter is Read more [...]

2013: A Year of Inspect and Adapt

I have never been one for New Years resolutions. I always stood by the fact that one should always be doing what they can to better themselves. However, this past year I dove into Scrum and really tried to embrace the concept of inspect and adapt. This showed me the value and absolute necessity for a time box, though. How can you inspect and adapt your actions without time constraints? So, here we are. Nothing spectacular. Just honest and doable goals. Start small, I'll adjust if needed. Read Read more [...]