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ReRoute v0.0.2 has been released

I typically won't make an announcement on my blog every minor release (0.0.X). I will most likely make an announcement for at least each moderate release (0.X.0). I will for sure make an announcement for each major release (X.0.0). You can download the latest and greatest ReRoute files. If you are installing for the first time, make sure you run the setup.php script. If you are updating from a previous version, make sure you run the update.php script. In this release, there were only minor Read more [...]

Introducing ReRoute v0.0.1

I am pleased to announce the initial release of ReRoute v0.0.1!  I have been working on this application for a few weeks now, and it is at the point where I wanted to have its initial release. So what is ReRoute you are asking? ReRoute is an application that creates a URL on your own domain (such as such that when someone directs their browser to the newly created URL, it reroutes them to a different URL, most likely not on your domain. Let me give you an example: No one wants Read more [...]