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Let’s set the timetable…

I found this article about a mass Plateosaurus grave site being found in the village of Frick, Switzerland which is near the German border. In the article they say that this dinosaur was to have lived 210 million years ago. That number is not even imaginable to my comprehension. Two-hundred-ten,000,000 years is an extremely long time ago!Do you really think that our world has been around for that long? One of my Grandma's favorite strange thoughts used to be thinking of infinity backwards. As Read more [...]

Hello, God… What do you say?

I was born and raised in a Bible-believing, church-going family. We would say our prayers before going to sleep every night and say grace before each meal, thanking God that we are blessed with such good fortune. The question I have here is, after talking to God, how do we listen to God? I am sure there are probably half a million books out there on the topic, but if I just went and found one of them, I wouldn't have the fun of putting together this post now would I?This morning while getting Read more [...]

Politics, Religion and Sex

What are the three things that shouldn't be discussed around the dinner table? Politics, religion, and what was the other one, was it sex? I had never understood the statement until as of recent when the first two of the the trio were brought to discussion.Sitting around the dinner table with my two brothers, mom, and dad, we discuss everything on the list with not problems. We have vibrant arguments and joke about opinions and everyone is better off in the end from it, I believe. No one was Read more [...]