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Hello, World! I would like to introduce you to!Long awaited code name 'Project Melon' is now being released to the world. I teamed up with my little brother, Tyler, and we have created a site I am rather proud of. Tyler is a whiz at the graphics, so he took on the challenge of creating the flash animation that is the homepage, and I took care of the business related/advertising/finances areas along with creating and maintenance of our databases through the HTML pages. (asp is my Read more [...]

Back to past ideas…

Not much time today to sit and write a halfway decent post (at least in my mind)Team Pawlak is now on the prowl... you remember me mentioning Project Melon??? Well its back. Tyler and I are hard at work trying to bring this idea to life. I have a few other ideas that I've been working on behind the scenes as well. I don't even care if we really making any profit of the website... I'm just hoping for a little bit of traffic to boost a little bit of self-confidence for each of us.No details yet.... Read more [...]

A …new… idea

So I'm not going to go into too much detail yet, however, I will say that the development of Singing Flyboy is going to be taking a slight leave of absence for the time being. I have something else up my sleeve. This new idea is a much lower maintenance plan which is always a good thing since I'm putting in 40+ hours at Kroger and 4ish hours in the sky and a rather large number behind the books in preparation for each flight lesson. My new plan is something I'm very excited about. This new plan Read more [...]