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iOS: HTML Playground

What is geekier than coding your own iPhone and iPad app?  How about coding your own coding app for iPhone and iPad? Yup, it has been done! Let me introduce you to.... HTML Playground! AppStore: PawApps: I battled the Apple AppStore approval process on this one for a little bit, but it finally made it last night and has been having a great first day out in the wild. Here is a quick Read more [...]

WordPress: Fixing old addresses when modifying permalinks

With all the recent changes in this site I've been spending a lot of time learning about and digging around in .htaccess files.  There is a lot of really neat things you can do in that file. The one thing I wanted to share this evening was how to fix your old addresses if you update your permalinks in WordPress.  What WordPress updates on its own is a little bit of a mystery to me.  It updated for some permalink modifications (to a structure that included the category) but for others it did Read more [...]

Scrum Values Overview

[ refer to post: 'I am the Scrum Master' for index of all Scrum posts ] There are five words that speak clearly to the values of Scrum Focus Courage Openness Commitment Respect Really these are five great values to live most of your life by ... but we can talk more about that at a later date! Let's break these out: Focus One of my favorite aspects of the Scrum process is how clearly all the roles are defined.  Whether Team Member, Scrum Master, Product Owner, or Stakeholder, Read more [...]

51% Solution

  In response to "Shoulda, Woulda, Coulda, Did..." In the above linked blog post, the concept of a 51% solution is brought up: I am a big fan of making informed decisions, embracing the 51% solution, committing to action, and collaboratively addressing the remaining 49% during execution.  Those who prefer the 100% solution before taking action continue to hold the rest of the team back. The idea made stop and think about what a 51% solution really means... More than half of Read more [...]