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(image from...) Haircuts in my life are one of those necessary evils... just like eating.  I would much rather spend my time doing something else because give it a little time... and we are right back to where we were previously... hungry and shaggy. Being a Sailor brings with it the need for a lot of haircuts. Before ever joining the Navy, Wife (then Girlfriend) agreed to start cutting my hair.  Seemed like a good plan to me.  I didn't really care how it turned out, and the price was Read more [...]

Is it time for Vacation?

Have you visited know there are a number of sites out there that put together packages and compare prices, but what you have to do is find the one that not only brings the best price, but presents the best package. I have been to some sites that I am sure aren't actually looking at my search criteria, it is quite frustrating at times.I visited and decided that I needed a vacation to Jamaica with my imaginary significant other. I went full blown on Read more [...]

So how many get rich schemes have you had this week alone? Me... probably at least 2 or 3... and the weekend is yet to come!I have found which is a site that helps corporations get started. They make the startup process much easier by answering any questions you might have along with an online filing service. Many of my proposed business ventures are cut short for the sole reason of not knowing and/or not being able to find out how to or where to get a necessary task done for a Read more [...]

Pay Per Post

What's the purpose of this blog?I started this blog with the purpose of communicating my thoughts and interest to the public world in a medium that I enjoy, writing. I have now found a way to use this blog to help me financially (which is great for these flight lessons).I have found Pay Per Post which lets me get paid to blog. This service offers to me the chance to help publicize other companies, while at the same time helping me soar the friendly skies in my little skipper.The thing I love the Read more [...]

Saving with

Have you ever been to taking my flight lessons I've been scrounging for every penny. The other day I finally emptied my coin jar and rolled 32 dollars worth of coins to take to the bank... it made me happy.Coupon Chief is a website that is exactly as the title states, the coupon chief! They have many coupons to many different retailers making it easier on me (and you) to get the needed (and sometimes not so needed) daily items.One coupon that I really like to use on the site Read more [...]