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A little bit about the status quo…

Here me out on this one... let's look at our President, as the 'Dad' of the country...Today I was reading through my blogs and ran across this article from about "Congress's Failure to Act on Comprehensive Immigration Reform". There is a definite somber tone in this article as President Bush puts on his fatherly voice of disappointment to talk about his wayward child, congress.Ok... so congress doesn't really equate to the President's kid, but we do, don't we?Think about it, what Read more [...]

I can solve the border control issue

I have a solution to our Mexico-United States border control issue.President Bush has seemingly made our southern border control his number one priority lately. After congress denied his immigration reform bill the first time, our President showed signs of frustration and continued on proclaiming that the bill isn't perfect, but it is better than the status quo. I agree... sometimes change is needed... however, I think our government doesn't look at bills like this in the best manner. Bush himself Read more [...]

Something is Seriously Wrong

Guess the percentage of military units coming back from the war in Iraq have some form of post traumatic stress disorder...40%FOURTY PERCENTTHAT IS 2 OUT OF EVERY 5 PEOPLE SENT TO IRAQSomething is seriously wrong. I found this news from NPR very disturbing indeed. Yes, I know NPR tends to be on the way Left, but statistics don't lie.People may ask, well are all 40% walking around clucking like chickens or what defines post traumatic stress disorder? Research was done by and for the Pentagon, which Read more [...]

Bob Barker gone Political

Have you heard? California is trying to make it illegal to own a cat or dog that isn't spayed or neutered without a permit.The actual name of the proposed bill is the 'Healthy Pets Act' and it is discrimination to non-pure bred cats and dogs. The bill states that permits could be permitted to pretty much only purebreds... that so called 'muts' are not worthy of kittens and puppies. The supporters of this bill say this will help the stray pet population. I say that it won't.Somehow, I don't think Read more [...]

Spending my Tax Dollars

Here's a thought, what if we could spend a set percentage of our tax dollars in ways we see fit?Let's say, hypothetically, the feds take $100 from a paycheck on week. What if 50% of that $100 was set up to be spent as the person who earned the money saw fit. I just now listened to a speech given by President Bush on American giving to the fight against AIDS. In this speech President Bush noted that the American people just completed a 5-year 15 Billion dollar giving plan successfully, and now Read more [...]