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Year of change

Quite the year 2010 promises to be! March I get married June I graduate from college August I report to Officer Candidate School for the Navy in Newport, Rhode Island And then depending on the needs of the Navy, I'll either end the year with some time in Cincinnati or spend some time at Information Warfare Basic Class in Pensacola, Florida There are two types of change occurring this year.  One of exciting uncertainty and the other of perfect clarity. People always ask me what I'm going Read more [...]

Time for something new… let’s break the routine!

While thinking about what I should write about today in my blog... I was coming up with blanks. I felt like writing, but I it seemed as though someone had stolen all my idea bubbles. Today was just an average Monday, nothing too exciting, just my normal routine...That got me to thinking (scary ain't it?). So many people have their routines... their morning routines of getting up, shower, brushing, dressing, eating... and its all in a very specific order... taken to a science to perfect and heighten Read more [...]

NCAA Passion

Those who know me well, know that I am not the biggest sports fan in the world. Sure, I, like any other warm blooded male with the slightest bit of testosterone enjoy the cold beer while sitting on the couch with a few buddies, watching this 'March Madness' or Monday Night Football with pizza, but I'm not obsessed. In this time of March Madness, I heard a statistic that 2.1 Billion Dollars are wasted/lost in the economy due to lack of productivity solely due to basketball. That is not pocket change Read more [...]