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I make up words

I am a HUGE fan of made up words. Well... I guess a more accurate statement would be I am never afraid to use a word that may not actually be a word according to Webster if I feel that it gets across my point. One of my favorite made up words is: efficinize efficinize definition ef·fi·ci·nize verb \i-ˈfi-shi-ˌnīz\ definition: to be productive of desired effects usage: I will efficinize our processes so that we can create more product in the same amount of time. You see, simply, Read more [...]

Tickle Age

"One..." her head whips around to watch you and her eyes light up. "Two..." she starts to wiggle and smile. "THREE!!!" she screams with delight as the Tickle Monster attacks her belly, sides, and underarms. Yup, that's a normal game in our house.  Little Lady LOVES to be tickled.  Her Dad on the other hand... I hate being tickled.  I'm one of those people that if I fear someone might even being thinking of a thought that might make them think of another thought that just may make them Read more [...]

Merry Stinkin’ Christmas

I am of the thinking that of all days throughout the year, Christmas, is the day that the largest percentage of people do not shower.  And yes, for full disclosure, I did not shower today. It really makes perfect sense.  You roll out of bed, don't have to shave for work, don't have to brush your hair... so you immediately go to breakfast and then to opening presents.  By the time present opening is finished it is lunch time.  When lunch is over, people are tired from the morning's excitement. Read more [...]

R.E.M. 12-21-12 Hoax Blown Wide Open

The American rock band R.E.M. is likely soon to be in custody as word of the band's hoax reaches the mainstream.  Ever since the band's first rehearsals in the early 1980's, their eyes were set not on guitar solos and lyrics but on gaining world power and controlling the thoughts and emotions of the ordinary person. Sources close to the band, that will remain anonymous due to the level of visibility this hoax has reached, have confirmed these themes from the members of the band. The early Read more [...]

Southwest Secrets – Part 2 of 2

If you missed part 1, recommend you read it first. Executing Now is the time.  They've started boarding and you are now on the plane.  This is where things really get tricky, though.  Many many many options, each with varying levels of risk/reward ratios. If you like the window seat and you are B30 or below, you are probably in luck.  Grab that window seat and wait for your friend. If you like the middle seat... WHAT!?!?  Not sure why you are even reading this article... If you like Read more [...]