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Part 1: Drama; Part 2: Incompetent Pilot

Apparently I'm too 'churchy' to be friends with some people.While trying to organize a group of friends to go somewhere I find out that one person already has plans with an old high school friend. I know this person, we were friends growing up, went to the same church, in some of the same classes, worked at Kings Island together... so I suggest, well why don't he come along as well?No, he doesn't like you.Huh?Says you’re too churchy...Heh... well how bout that.I've never really been told that Read more [...]

If I were in charge of the dummies

Today on one of my news websites,, I found a rather interesting link to a consumer reports video archive. This video archive contains videos of over 150 makes and models of vehicles in their crash test. I checked out the Jeep Grand Cherokee, Chevrolet Cavalier, and the Honda Civic (the cars, or related cars to the ones that my family and I drive). It was pretty interesting watching these cars in slow motion and watching the dummy's head do its thing.... it doesn't look pleasant.The question Read more [...]

Squirrels in the Road

Have you ever wondered what other animals think about death? They must have some concept of death just due to natural instincts, they avoid danger, no? Or... do you think they know what pain is, don't like it and avoid it? Death is just a result of pain sometimes, animals may have no concept of death.The reason I bring this up is because of something I saw on the way to work today... it was really quite sad. I had just left the house and was driving down a back road on the way to the highway Read more [...]

A New ‘Magic Kingdom’

So I have never been a huge fan of Harry Potter, but you must check this out... I think it will definitely call for a trip to Florida.Here's my thoughts on Harry Potter...I think the story and the concept are brilliant!...(dare I say 'bloody brilliant'?) It is every kid's dream when growing up through younger years to have magical powers, to fly, to face and defeat evil. I as much as every other boy stood on the couch at one point believing that if I thought and believed hard enough that when I Read more [...]

Spring is in the air…

I love spring... it is truly my absolute season of the year (note that I had previously written, favorite time of the year... but then decided on different wording for those that would naturally have Christmas songs stuck in your head for the rest of the day... you can thank me later) Spring is good though. Today we threw the frisbee in the backyard, went to the driving range to hit golf balls, had a nice sit on our newly built deck, had a bonfire on our back lot... what more could you want, Read more [...]