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Adventure on the way…

Have you seen the Canadian Space Agency channel on YouTube?  I'm a fan.  Chris Hadfield is an astronaut on the International Space Station and he does video blogging from the ISS.  Folks will write him asking questions about what life is like in space and he will video short few minute responses back.  Very interesting in fact! The video below is titled, "How you can achieve your goals".  And the particular message of this video I felt was worth sharing.  And the message can be summed Read more [...]

Navy Interview: CDR Sean Heritage

Intro I am a Father, Husband, and Naval Officer in that order.  Those who may be interested in learning more about who I am and what I stand for can do so by reading my bio. Jason, first of all, thanks for making the time to personally contribute to the conversation and for giving those of us who care enough to share another forum to do the same.  I appreciate the opportunity to be your first interviewee, as I think it's important that we never miss an opportunity to lead, mentor, Read more [...]

A History of the Navy in 100 Objects

In an apparent mirror off of BBC's "History of the World in 100 Objects" (which I had never heard of previously), a now commissioned Naval Academy grad took a huge bite of initiative and is producing a podcast titled, "A History of the Navy in 100 Objects". This is good stuff! I am about 50 pages away from finally finishing a book that I feel like I have spent half my life working through, "Six Frigates" and I have only covered about the first 40 years of US Navy History.  But the level Read more [...]

Undecided War

Currently reading "Six Frigates" by Ian W. Toll. Found this passage and believe it is worth repeating. Recalling the [War of 1812] debates, [James Madison] admitted that "it has become impossible to avoid or even delay war," even though "we were not prepared for it." It has been necessary to take the fateful plunge because "it was certain that effective preparations would not take place, whilst the question of war was undecided." You never quite know how the foe will fight until the fists Read more [...]

Hypocrisy for Good

While catching up on my blogroll I came across this post which was full of great wisdom.  I will only share one of the bits of wisdom in this post, maybe I'll come back at a later date and share some of the others. Sometimes hypocrisy is a necessary evil. This is only a portion of #14 in the article, but felt it was worth sharing beyond the context given. So many times at work, as I progress and learn to be a better Sailor, Division Officer, and Leader, I come across the "proper" way to Read more [...]