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Steven Curtis Chapman – I Will Be Here

Recently I have been playing a lot of guitar.  It was my first purchase after receiving my first paycheck from the Navy.  I am by no means fantastic at it, but I love learning new songs.  I have always known a few chords and plucked around on my dad's guitar, but since having my own, I have taken more of a liking to finger picking.  I don't have the finger nails for the real nice sound, but I'd prefer the softer tone and shorter nails than having to worry about my finger nails. Anyways, here Read more [...]

Jenny and Tyler

Kudos to Facebook advertising.  It finally got one right! I enjoy checking out the advertising on Facebook because it 'knows' a little bit about you.  This time around, FB knew that one of my favorite bands (which is my all-time favorite) is Nickel Creek, so an advertisement for a duet called (by their real names) Jenny and Tyler.  Checking out their homepage, they have a little flash player playing through some of their songs on their album. It is lots of fun to listen to.  Their voices Read more [...]


I first discovered SeeqPod when I bought my iPhone and was browsing through iPhone web apps.  Basically SeeqPod is a free website that provides a search for media.  The site for your computer is flash based and is amazing.  You can search and find nearly any song, create playlists, save your playlists, share the music, and even see the links to the files where the music can be... ehem... played individually. I buy all my music through iTunes now, but sometimes I want to listen to a song a few Read more [...]

Let’s go to the Cincinnati Symphony

Hello Friends,As most of you know, I am a huge classical music fan. I'm the type of person that will clap easily at a baseball game when the Reds hit a homerun, but will stand and cheer wildly after an outstanding rendition of Stravinsky's Rite of Spring.I have gone through the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra's rep for the 2007/08 season and picked out a number of concerts that I consider must hears. If anyone wants to go with me, just give me a holler!CSO : Stravinsky Festival• Friday, November Read more [...]

I’ll teach you to toot!

I started a new side job yesterday, teaching high school trumpet lessons!I have two students from a smaller high school in Cincinnati that I will be teaching weekly from now until who knows. I was pleasantly surprised when I heard them play. Both are good players with (of course) areas that need attention.I won't narrate the lessons to you, because really... who would want to read that. But instead I would like to take this post and talk about teaching.These are my first students and I quickly Read more [...]