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Adventure on the way…

Have you seen the Canadian Space Agency channel on YouTube?  I'm a fan.  Chris Hadfield is an astronaut on the International Space Station and he does video blogging from the ISS.  Folks will write him asking questions about what life is like in space and he will video short few minute responses back.  Very interesting in fact! The video below is titled, "How you can achieve your goals".  And the particular message of this video I felt was worth sharing.  And the message can be summed Read more [...]

Ted | Amanda Palmer: The art of asking

Making it through my Instapaper queue and came across a recent tweet that I had saved. I like Ted Talks.  They are typically personal and relatable.  Some person's wisdom from experiences brought to the masses through story in a concise and well produced video. In this video, Amanda Palmer (a name that was previously unknown to me) talks about her struggle to fund her dream of making music full time.  Through this struggle, she learns to rely on the people that love and support her the most, Read more [...]

Hypocrisy for Good

While catching up on my blogroll I came across this post which was full of great wisdom.  I will only share one of the bits of wisdom in this post, maybe I'll come back at a later date and share some of the others. Sometimes hypocrisy is a necessary evil. This is only a portion of #14 in the article, but felt it was worth sharing beyond the context given. So many times at work, as I progress and learn to be a better Sailor, Division Officer, and Leader, I come across the "proper" way to Read more [...]

Operate Forward

Today I had a guest post published on CDR Sean Heritage's blog... Right then, right there, with keystrokes and mouse clicks, our CNO exercised the second of his three tenets, Operate Forward. Operating forward simply means that we and our actions are deliberately taken to the target, whether friendly or not. And in a world that becomes digitally connected with one another more and more every day, our lives, for better or worse, are increasingly being lived online. Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube, Read more [...]

Scrum Values Overview

[ refer to post: 'I am the Scrum Master' for index of all Scrum posts ] There are five words that speak clearly to the values of Scrum Focus Courage Openness Commitment Respect Really these are five great values to live most of your life by ... but we can talk more about that at a later date! Let's break these out: Focus One of my favorite aspects of the Scrum process is how clearly all the roles are defined.  Whether Team Member, Scrum Master, Product Owner, or Stakeholder, Read more [...]