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Lasik: few weeks after

I had another follow-up appointment at LasikPlus today.  This appointment took about 5 or 10 minutes and brought forth no issues.  The doctor asked if everything has been feeling "normal", which it has.  I did tell him that I have been using the artificial tears at times, which he said is normal, especially during the winter months.  I read the chart again at 20/15 and he shined the lights in my eyes to check them out ... and <insert porky pig> that's all folks, I was on my way. My next Read more [...]

Lasik: Day after

I went to my day after follow up appointment at LasikPlus this morning.  Just 19 hours after the surgery which includes "day of" nap and a full night of sleep last night, my vision is at 20/15!  That is the same quality of vision I had with my glasses! Everything is looking great today.  Last night things were clearing up quickly but I could tell that something was a little bit off.  Today the 'off' sensation is still there a little bit, but very minimal.  The main thing is that I still feel Read more [...]

Lasik: Evening after

Today was the big day, I went under the knife (laser) and got a new set of eyes! My appointment was for 3:00pm this afternoon and I showed up at LasikPlus about 2:40pm.  There was no need to get there that early as Melissa and I just sat there until 3:00pm.  3:00pm on the dot, however, the secretary called me up to sign my papers. LasikPlus didn't have written down that I was going to get Lasik, but only had PRK approved on my form.  This was because that is what I was talking most about Read more [...]

Lasik: Before

Introduction I started wearing glasses in the 6th grade.  My older brother had started wearing glasses not long before so for one reason or another I was kind of excited about getting my own glasses.  Goodness, how the mentality has changed. I just scheduled my Lasik appointment for this upcoming Monday, December 14th at LasikPlus Vision Institute.  Over the past week I have visited four different clinics in the Cincinnati area: Midwest Eye Center Lasik Vision Institute LasikPlus Vision Read more [...]